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President Trump might sign a new executive order to ban immigrants from 7 Muslim Countries. 
President Trump had signed an executive order barring people from 7 Nations (muslim nations) from entering the United States. This means if a person from one of those 7 nations (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia Sudan, Syria and Yemen) held a valid visa, he or she could not get entry into the United States. This executive order was short lived when the State of Washington, along with other states and other Plaintiffs filed a restraining order with their respective court to get President Trump executive order to be considered unconstituional. In return, the Department of Justice filed an appeal wtih the U.S. Courts of appeal for the 9th Circuit district . On Appeal, the 9th Circuit, which is the most liberal federal courts in America, agreed with the lower's court ruling and has issued a decision which limits President Trump's executive order. Not all of the order is voided, as the order limits the amount of refugees that can enter the United States. This portion was never touch (and so it is valid). However with regard to the 7 nations that are banned from coming to the country the court ruled against Mr. Trump. While most opponents of this executive order are now celebrating with a victory dance, President Trump still has the power to issue another executive order that bars immigrants from these 7 nations or any nation. In fact, the White House has hinted that President Trump might just sign a new order barring 7 nations from entering the United States. One thing is for sure, this travel ban will not fizz out anytime soon.










Are  Conservative Women Voting For Hillary? Probably Not


 I am a black, woman. I am conservative and I am a republican. I read recently where some women from the GOP decided that they would vote for Hillary Clinton and not Mr. Trump. These women said that Mr. Trump’s treatment of Women, Muslim, and  Mexicans are just too demeaning and because of that, they would rather vote for  Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Recently, I got an email that Ms. Clinton will be in the Hamptons fund raising. I am reading more and more that not only women, but republican men as well, are crossing over party line this election cycle to support  Mrs. Clinton.  So I am thinking must I do the same? If all these GOP women are doing it, it must be what I need to do. 


And then I decided to pen this article. GOP, what about your loyalty to the Republican Party? GOP, what about your loyalty to the conservative movement?   I am not going to be voting for Mrs. Hillary Clinton in November 2016 election. I am not voting for Mrs. Hillary Clinton ever. I am not voting for any democrat because I am a republican. We had a republican nominee, Donald Trump. This is what the majority of the republican voters decided. We held our primaries. And Mr. Trump came out as our nominee.  I do not agree with all of Mr. Trumps positions. I am the first to say that. However, I am a registered republican and I have made a promise a long time ago that I will support all the republican candidates including the one that runs for President of the United States. Mr. Trump happens to be on the ticket this November and I cannot pick and choose just when to be a Republican. It is almost like saying. I am not going to follow all of the word of God because I am only going to be a Christian when I feel like. Look republicans, we need to support our party nomination. It is okay in not agreeing with everything Mr. Trump says. But do you just divorce your husband or disown your children because they did something that wasn’t pleasing to you? We need to be a little more mature and stop acting like spoil brats. Mr. Trump is not a career politician and as such Mr. Trump doesn’t come off as polish as the politicians that have years of experience in pandering to voters. I really cannot believe these GOP women and men that have said out right they will not vote for Mr. Trump, but they will throw their support for Mrs. Clinton. 


I have a few things to say to these people. Do you really know what the Democratic party stands for? And do you rather have 4 more years with another Democrat in office? And do you just get rid of your spouse because he/she might have said something you didn’t like? Really, what about loyalty. I am here telling you that I too do not like everything Mr. Trump says. I do not believe all Mexicans are rapists. I do not believe all Mexicans coming to this country will commit a murder.   I do not believe that all Muslims must be banned from this Country.  But I do believe that America is great and it can get better. I do believe that we are governed better by smaller government. I do believe Washington is broken and it needs to be fixed. I do believe the republican party is the party that can handle the problems we face today in our society. I do believe that Mr. Trump deserves our support and vote because Mr. Trump stands for the change that the American people so badly deserve. I do believe that as a christian we most vote our conservative views and to be loyal to the republican party and its cause. 


Here is the irony of everything. Mrs. Clinton husband cheated on her. And Mrs. Clinton understood loyalty. She stayed with her man. We have a group of Republicans that decided that they would just jump ship and vote and support a democrat because they do not like Mr. Trump. People wake up. What about loyalty. Life is like this. We do not always get what we want. And no candidate will ever be perfect. As a woman, I think that we should stand behind Mr. Trump. Do not let the liberal media tell you Mr. Trump treatment of women is degrading. What the liberal media isn’t telling you is that once Mrs. Clinton is elected, the progressive agenda will be moving forward. Do you really want a progressive person in office? 


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Gun Control Would Not Have Stopped the Nice Attack.Over the past few years, President Obama and Mrs. Hilary Clinton have been calling forgun control. Mr. President and Mrs. Clinton felt that if they take away the Americanpeople right to own a firearm, then the government can reduce the death toll. While thatmight sound like a good idea, we need to reflect on the Nice attack that took place in July2016. The Nice, France attack took the lives of 84 people and injured another 202 . InNice, the terrorist used a gun, but the terrorist also used another weapon, a more deadly weapon. The terrorist used a vehicle to mow people down. My question to PresidentObama and Mrs. Hilary Clinton is, do you really believe that taking the guns from American people will stop terrorists? It does not appear it will. Just look at the Nice,France, attack. The Pulse Killing in Orlando and the Nice Killing in France.Let’s compare the Pulse Killing in Orlando, Florida with the killing in Nice, France. ThePulse terrorist used a gun and killed around 50 people. The Pulse terrorist was also heldup as in a hostage situation with innocent civilians for over 3 hours. While the number offatalities was a lot, it was nothing in comparison to the Nice killing. The Nice terroristused a gun (for a short period of time) and then used a vehicle. The Nice terrorist endedup doing more harm than the Pulse terrorist in terms of causalities and the Nice terroristdid not get a full three hours with his victims, as the Pulse terrorist did. Both situationsare tragic. But it appears that a terrorist without a gun can do far greater destruction thana terrorist who has a gun. Mr. President and Mrs. Clinton, this is not the time to betelling Americans that you will take our guns from us. Because it appears that terroristand people who want to inflict harm and fear on others, do not need a gun to do so. They will use just about anything to inflict harm and fear. They will use a gun. They will use a vehicle. They will use a knife. A Knife can be a deadly weaponSpeaking of knife, that is what is being used in Israel these days to terrorize innocentcivilians. So Mr. President and Mrs. Clinton, don’t put fear into our lives by telling usthat we need gun control. Because guns are not killing our people. It is bad people thatare killing our people. It is terrorist that are killing our people. It is ISIS and other badpeople that are killing our people. We need to do more to fight terrorism and we need toequip Americans with ways to prevent terrorism. But to say we need to take the gunsfrom the American people, it won’t even do any justice as terrorists are not relying on gunsto inflict harm and fear and deadly force on others.By telling me that if we do not have guns that terrorist won’t use other means to inflictharm and fear onto us is not correct. Mr. President and Mrs. Hilary Clinton, I do thinkthat you know that as well. You just do not want the American people to empower
themselves with their guns. You take the guns from the people, you won’t be able to takethe terrorist from the people. The terrorist will use their bear hands. They will use rocks. They will use knives. They will use their vehicle. So let’s do what is right and fightterrorism and let’s do what is just and kill gun control. Let us stop using gun control as ascape goat for why we have not won the war on terror and ISIS.