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Hiring an attorney for an insurance claim


You suffered a loss as a result of a flood, fire, theft, water damages, or other calmity.  You have filed an insurnace claim. So what are your rights? You shoudl hire an attorney becuase you cannot trust that your insurance company will pay out the right amount becuase your insurance company will want to pay the less amount under the policy and you want the highest amount possible to fix or remedy the issue with your home. It makes no sense because even though you paid good money and obtain the best coverage for your property, the insurance company will still try to nickle and dime you. So you need to hire an attorney who will take care of your interest. 


What does my policy cover? 

You need to know that the declaration page states the dollar amount to each catergory of coverage. 

Do I need to sue my insurance company for the company pays? 

No. Sometimes the insurnace company will pay before you need to file a lawsuit. Besides, why would you file a lawsuit if it is not necessary.